Ocean Symbiosis – Share your love for the ocean

Believe in the ocean

What we aim to do

Aim Ocean SymbiosisWe created this website to share our experience with the ocean, raise awareness around the current issues with the protection and conservation of our beloved oceans and seas.
We would like to share our passion for the oceans and help everyone else understand why this is so important to make sure we take care of them.
One only care about they know…we aim to bring them this missing part of the puzzle.
No matter where you live, who you are, what you do…we all need to take care of our oceans.

How you can contribute

Contribute to Ocean Symbiosis

  • Share your ocean love story with your friends, family and the world, get them to understand your passion!
  • Submit an article about a place you have been that really takes care of the ocean and its creatures.
  • Send us some info about events to raise awareness for the ocean and its wildlife.
  • Promote your ideas, results to change the perception of our oceans.

Ideas and actions that can save the oceans

Ideas to save the ocean

  • Beach clean ups: an easy way to make a direct impact for the ocean.
  • Manage your own foot print: ideas to reduce your foot print on the oceans
  • Limit your consumption of products damaging the ocean.